Holographic laser, disco laser, ILDA laser, or maybe 3D laser?

Holographic laser, disco laser, ILDA laser, or maybe 3D laser?

All of us were using different names for the same device: disco laser, holographic laser, ilda laser or maybe even 3D laser projector. At the end of the day, it is a device that helps you to perform atmospheric or graphical laser effects. That is one of the most amazing ways to visually entertain audiences in indoor like bars, clubs, discos, or even bigger as arenas and stadiums.

The Disco laser projectors industry gets bigger and bigger every day, so customers can find hundreds of club laser devices on the market, but the truth is that most of them are not worth any penny. Of course, we are saying about quality and satisfaction because of the way how disco lasers are built, what and how laser safety features are implemented, and last but not least: performance and quality of laser effects.
International Laser Display Association, which is more known by its acronym “ILDA” stands for standardized laser signal protocol used by the vast majority of laser display systems manufacturers. Of course, being „ILDA compatible” is not the only way to run the show, but it’s the most popular connection protocol for sure. If the club laser projector has ILDA ports, that means it can be controlled by any ILDA control system.

In that place I have bad news: 3D lasers don’t exist. It’s kinda myth or part of the marketing disaster, but for now, we are not able to create 3D holograms by using regular laser projector displays itself. But! Now it is time for a piece of good news – we have some workarounds. All you need is tulle material or mosquito net (light grey or black color) and voila! 3D holographic visualizations are ready to go!

One of the most important things (if you’re dreaming about professional „disco laser” equipment is its safety. Every LaserCube fully complies with IEC 60825-1 Laser Safety Regulations which apply to every country in the world. An FDA-compliant LaserCube plus variance is available from X-Laser.
The beauty of the LaserCube is that is a laser show system that can be used as a professional RGB laser display instead of cheap disco lights.
Do you own a small club, bar, or music lounge and you’d like to add there a little bit of magic? Or maybe you’re looking for a laser light projector system for house parties, but you’re also looking for something affordable? If the answer is YES – you have to check our LaserCube WiFi 1.2watt – a small, portable laser show projector at a very attractive price.
In case you have a big house, planning an outdoor party in the garden, or maybe you’re the owner of a bigger club – you’d have to take a look at our LaserCube WiFi 2.5watt. It’s more powerful, gives 2.5 times more brightness (in comparison to 1.2watt), better color balance, and oh boy – it’s just great.

Last, but not least: The LaserCube 2.5W Pro – device for those who know what they want and what they need. 2.5watt of pure power, 35kpps scanners system, and ILDA ports. That makes LaserCube 2.5W Pro the most advanced and professional disco laser, club laser, or even holographic laser system we ever had!