Laser Show Projector Guide


Ultra Series LaserCube Laser Show Projectors

Laser projectors have become an integral part of club environments and laser shows, offering stunning visual effects and captivating audiences. Among the top choices in the market, the LaserCube….

RGB Laser Light Projector

If you go through the market, you’ll find a lot of examples of RGB light laser display technology. Depending on the main purpose of use (mostly you have to answer the question: where?), we can offer three laser projector devices….

Laser light show & Laser show light

Most beginning laser show enthusiasts are looking for a laser show device, which is called a laser display projector or laser display system. This equipment is using a laser beam in specific wavelengths….

Holographic laser, disco laser, ILDA laser, or maybe 3D laser?

All of us were using different names for the same device: disco laser, holographic laser, ilda laser or maybe even 3D laser projector. At the end of the day, it is a device that helps you to perform atmospheric or graphical laser….

Laser Display Accessories for LaserCube projectors

Yay! You just bought your first laser projector display! Or maybe you’re just about to do that so? The party and art world is just beneath your feet, especially if you’re armed with our free LaserOS laser show software! Now you can create.

The best disco show with DJ Laser light

There is a pretty big chance that you have been in a disco pub or have seen inside of a good nightclub. What was the first thing you saw that made you gaze for a long time? I can bet that it had sparkling and shining light effects! Some of them, people called DJ laser lights.

Laser stage light

Stage lighting is used to manipulate the qualities of light to influence and integrate the audience into the action, which is performed on the stage by bands, actors in theatre, musicians at festivals, and more. This is done by carefully controlling every aspect of light itself: intensity, color, movement, or direction.

The laser advertising with an outdoor laser projector system

How many times have you been thinking about a device, that would help you express your brand in some unique place, or unusual way? Perhaps you tried to advertise your product from a bigger distance, isn’t it? Advertising doesn’t have to be boring and stiff. It can be really ingenious, and we have a fantastic solution!