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What clamp should I use with Ultra’s bracket?

The bracket handle has 3 holes that will allow up to an M8 bolt to pass through in order to attach a truss clamp compatible with the pole diameter of the lighting rig. For extra safety, use the Eye Bolt on the back panel to attach a wire safety bond.

Is the bracket in the Ultra model removable?

Yes, but we would advise against removing it. It would be easy to lose the washer set, and without those, the handle would scratch the case when reattached.

What is the difference in the 7.5W Ultra scanners compared to the 2.5W Pro?

The Ultra features an upgraded AT-40S scanning system which is specced at 35k pps @ 7 degrees. The 2.5W Pro's scanners are AT-35S which are specced at 35k pps @ 6 degrees. This means that the Ultra will perform better at higher scan angles when the projection zoom is increased.

What advantages does the 2.5W Pro have over the standard 2.5W?

The 2.5W Pro has 40% faster-rated scanners and has an ILDA input and output. This allows the LaserCube to connect to any ILDA Laser DAC or standalone controller such as Radiator and Chromagnon. The 2.5W Pro has a taller case which offers better thermal performance, which means it can run longer continuously.

How do I connect several WiFi LaserCubes to one device?

By using an ethernet switch with one cube set as ethernet master, and the remaining cubes set as ethernet slaves. Watch this connectivity video to learn more.

Does LaserCube have engraving and balloon popping modes?

For those who have used the LaserCube as a component part of a laser engraving system and who are able and willing to take ownership of the laser safety of the whole installation, the features are still supported. Please contact support@laseros.com to receive instructions on enabling these features.

Can I upgrade the WiFi antenna for longer connection distance?

Yes, larger gain antennas can be used as long as they have the same mating connector (RP-SMA).

Does WiFi LaserCubes work as master/slave?

Over WiFi, multiple cubes are not recommended as the bandwidth requirements can result in corrupt images. When using the ethernet port instead, multiple cubes can be used with one set to master/server and the rest set to client/slaves. All cubes can be set to client/slaves if they are connected to your hub directly or via an ethernet switch, as your hub would be acting as master (DHCP server).

Is the WiFi LaserCube compatible with 3rd party apps and APIs?

WiFi LaserCube is compatible with Touchdesigner, Modulaser and LSG. To learn more about our API visit our Github.

Is there an Artnet or standalone mode for WiFi LaserCube?

Yes, standalone mode using Artnet is now available. Download the latest ArtNet firmware here.

Can I use a phone hotspot to connect multiple WiFi LaserCubes?

Phone hotspot to WiFi LaserCube does not work as the hotspot UDP performance of an iPhone is very poor.

What is the recommended connection method for WiFi LaserCube?

WiFi is primarily for outdoor use from a single device directly connected to your phone. For all other use, ethernet is the preferred connection method (this includes from your phone via ethernet to USB-C or Lighting adapter)

What is the maximum visible range?

The maximum visible range depends on several factors such as zoom size and which kind of content is being projected. Watch this video showing a 340 meter range test.

What is maximum WiFi connection range?

The maximum range from your device (smartphone or laptop) to WiFi LaserCube is over 100 meters. Watch this range test video.

Where I can find the latest LaserCube firmware?

Watch this video to learn about updating firmware. You can download firmware here.

Can I use the charger from my older LaserCube with 7.5W Ultra?

Yes, but it is not advised and will only work if the 7.5W LC Ultra stays turned off. Using LC Ultra with a lower-rated charger than 120W could damage the charger.

Ultra has a bigger antenna. Does it mean it has a longer range?

Slightly. Since WiFi signals are primarily "Line of Sight", the main reason for the longer antenna is so that it clears the body of the 7.5W LC Ultra.

Is the battery in the Ultra model also replaceable?

Yes, the 7.5W LC Ultra just has one, lid mounted battery pack. It is replaceable with simple tools.

Are the batteries replaceable?

The battery pack is user-replaceable. We offer replacement battery packs under warranty and post-warranty. The batteries specs are (for 2.5W / 1.2W): 18650 (3400mAh / 2600mAh), 2S1P w/ PCM x 2 packs.

What kind of router is needed to connect multiple WiFi LaserCubes?

You just require a router or ethernet switch, no internet connection necessary.

Is it possible to control WiFi and USB LaserCubes together?

Yes, you can use LaserShowGen to connect USB and WiFi LaserCubes together and individually. Watch this video to learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHvxJwkL-KQ

How to fix WiFi LaserCube intermittent stuttering?

The WiFi cube can stutter if used in a heavily congested WiFi area. It is best suited to being used outdoors where range up to 30m is possible. Stuttering can also occur if using the WiFi cube in client mode as your router/hub is also handling all your other WiFi enabled devices on your local network reducing bandwidth for the cube. The best mode to use for the WiFI cube is using the WiFi server mode, where you are connecting directly to the WiFi LaserCube with your mobile phone/tablet/computer. Another source of stuttering is leaving the WiFi network list visible on your computer, as this will cause constant scanning for other WiFi networks interrupting the normal WiFi operation on your computer (UDP packets end up being buffered by your computer for extended periods during the network scanning causing image breakup).

What connection mode is required when using the supplied USB->LAN adaptors?

The mode must be set to LAN Server (yellow LED) when using one of the supplied adaptors, as your mobile phone/tablet is expecting to be supplied with an IP address from a DHCP device.

How do I operate the US-version of LaserCube?

1. Connect your USB Cable to the Lasercube. 2. Connect the cable to the back of the Lasercube and the Big Yellow Box. 3. Turn the key to the ON position on the Lasercube. 4. Turn the key to the ON position on the Big Yellow Box. 5. Make sure that the Big Red Button is in the ON position. The box is shipped with the button locked into the down/off position. To unlock, simply turn the button clockwise until it pops up. 6. Turn the Lasercube switch to the ON position. At this point the two white LED’s above the Lasercube key and the red LED on the Big Yellow Box will blink slowly.

What is the lifetime of the LaserCube?

As a pure diode laser projector, the laser lifetime is expected to be 10 to 20 thousand hours, but may be reduced by operating at temperature extremes (-10C / 45C) The internal battery is a high quality Lithium Ion pack similar to those used in laptops. In common with laptops, over time, the available capacity of the battery will reduce. The battery has therefore been made to be easily user-replaceable.

Does iOS app work with both USB and WiFi LaserCube?

iOS is only compatible with the WiFi version and not the discontinued USB version. https://apps.apple.com/app/laseros/id1559204525

What is the cheapest Android that works for LaserCube?

How do I purchase LaserCube individual accessories?

How do I use LaserOS software on my existing ILDA laser projector?

If your laser projector has an ILDA port, you can purchase a LaserOS dongle to use LaserOS software (PC/Mac, Android)

How loud is the fan on the 2W LaserCube?

The fan noise is measured at 40db @ 1 meter from the LaserCube 2W.

What is the max projection distance of the LaserCube?

The maximum visible range of the 1W is 500 meters / 2W is 1000 meters.

What is the size of the projected laser image?

The image size will be a 1m square when the LaserCube is 2m away, 2m square image when the LaserCube is 4m away, and so on… With the Expander, it would be 3m square at 2m distance and so on…. There is no maximum range, but the apparent brightness will be reduced the larger the projection. It is recommended to use the LaserCube at half-zoom or less for better image quality.

What is the specs of the charger for the LaserCube?

The included wall-plug power charger is rated 19V DC (100-240V) power supply with 2.5×5.5 DC jack.

What’s the difference between 1.2W and 2.5W?

The 2.5W is 2.5x as bright as the 1.2W in lumens. The 2.5W has better color accuracy and white balance. The 2.5W delivers the best performance and value for your money. Watch the comparison video.

What is the duty cycle and temperature range of the LaserCube?

There is no duty cycle. LaserCube will operate from battery or external power from -10C to +45C. Charging of the internal battery is disabled whilst the battery temperature is outside of +10C to +45C to prevent overheating.

What are the lens accessories used for?

Safety Lens is a ND8 filter which reduces laser output by 80%. It’s great for photography or videography of the laser projection. The blur lens defocuses the laser output over range. It has a 250mm focal length. Diffraction lens multiplies your laser visuals causing awesome effects. The Lumia lens is made of textured glass and recreates the trippy lumia experience. Watch this video to learn more.

What’s the difference between TTL and analog laser color?

Only 7 colors are possible for TTL compared to 1000s of colors for analog lasers. LaserCube is full analog color.

Is the LaserCube housing dustproof?

Yes, the housing is dustproof. There is no air drawn (or able to convect) into the main cube body where the lasers and optics are. All WiFi LaserCubes has a blower fan recessed within a separate heatsink plate that bolts on to the bottom of the original cube housing. Air is not drawn through the main enclosure, only into and out of the heatsink plate, which conductively cools the existing base of the cube. Sealing of the lasers and optics is maintained.

My Android device does not detect the LaserCube.

Goto settings > system & device > additional settings > OTG > turn OTG on.

How do I import my own logos and create new animations?

Image files in SVG (recommended), PNG, JPG, BMP format can be uploaded automatically into LaserOS. You can create new SVG-based logos, animations, and tracings using Illustrator, Animate and Inkspace. Watch our tutorial videos.

What are the minimum device requirements for LaserOS?

Device requirements: Windows PC: Windows 10 with quad core processor such as Intel i5, 2.5GHz or better, 8GB RAM Mac PC: Mac OS X 10.6 with quad core processor such as Intel i5, 2.5GHz or better, 8GB RAM iPhone/iPad: iOS 14.0 iPhone SE(2020) / iPad(6th generation) or better Android: Android 10 or higher with Octa-Core 2 GHz processor, 4GB RAM or better

How do I create a SVG animation?

Create a folder of SVG files in a program like Adobe Animate or Illustrator. Sample: dancer sample.zip

LaserOS crashes upon opening, even after uninstalling and reinstalling.

MacOS: Open a command terminal and run: rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/LaserOS/config.iniWindows: Run from a command prompt: rm C:\Users%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\LaserOS\config.ini

Can you show a detailed step-by-step process of adding an animation into LaserOS?

How do I sync a timeline to LaserOS with MIDI?

You can sync LaserOS content to a timeline using Wavefrom free software. Watch the tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DURfeqnBMGw

How do I use an older version of LaserOS?

You may find older versions of LaserOS here: https://www.laseros.com/downloads/legacy/

Where do I download the LaserCube software?

Download here: Windows, MacOS, and Android.

Is the WiFi LaserCube compatible with 3rd party apps and APIs

WiFi LaserCube is compatible with Touchdesigner, Modulaser and LSG. To learn more about our API visit our Github.

Is there a fully automatic mode that requires no user input?

Yes, LaserOS is fully autonomous, requiring no user input. Just choose the modes and an effect. Watch to learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8sNmIihUOw

Is an internet connection required to run LaserOS or does it work offline.

There is no internet connection required, the app works fully offline.

How do I control LaserCube with TouchDesigner?

Check here for instructions on using LaserCube WiFi with Touchdesigner. For USB TouchDesigner control, check here.

How do I make the LaserCube project only a single color laser?

Goto Settings > Color, and select the Mono Color slider to choose a single color. To return to normal color mode, drag the Mono Color slider all the way to the left position.

Where are the imported files stored on my computer?

On Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/LaserOS/imports On PC: C:\Users\ (your username) \AppData\Roaming\LaserOS\imports On Android: ~/Android/data/com.wickedlasers.laserOS/files/imports/

I cannot adjust the X / Y position of the laser projection.

It’s not possible to adjust the X / Y position @ max zoom. Reduce zoom first.

My Windows PC does not detect the LaserCube, how do I update my drivers?

Download: http://zadig.akeo.ie/ 1. Connect LaserCube to PC 2. Open zadig 3. Options > List All Devices 4. Choose Laserdock Interface 0 5. Choose libusbK as driver 6. Click install Repeat 3-5 for interface 1 and 2

What is the difference between microphone and loopback audio?

LaserOS needs an audio input in order to generate music reactive visuals. Loopback audio is superior to microphone in both latency and accuracy. On Windows, all you need to do is select a Loopback audio source. On Mac, you need to install Sound Siphon and then you have to select Sound Siphon as Audio Output in Sound Settings. For Android, goto Settings > Audio and select ‘loopback’.

How do I fix the error on my Mac: ‘LaserOS can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.’?

Locate the LaserOS app in Finder and Ctrl-Click it. If you select Open from the resultant menu, the app will be opened.

As a programmer, how many points can I draw simultaneously with the LaserCube?

“Under the hood” we use Openlase as a renderer / path optimiser of the vector images. Our hardware DAC rate is 30000 points per second. There are quite a few control parameters fed from LaserOS into Openlase to determine how the image is created. Where we set a minimum or maximum number of points, it has a direct impact on the frames per second. i.e. setting a maximum number of points to 1000 will force a 30 FPS minimum frame rate, but images that would require longer than 33ms to draw will be simplified to fit into the fixed number of points and may look rounded or distorted. In the latest LaserOS, it was (over) adjusted to try render some images at 45 FPS, meaning only 600 points were useable before the image began to simplify. We could just revert to 1000 points, but are in the process of checking that increasing the maximum number of points even more (and therefore internal buffer sizes too) won’t cause any unexpected issues in different parts of the LaserOS software. If you are interested in controlling the cube directly, take a look at our Github.

Why can only the microphone be selected as an audio input on an iOS device?

This is due to Apple’s DRM / audio recording limitations and nothing to do with our LaserOS software.

Why ND8 lens is not included in the Optics kit for 7.5W Ultra?

The higher power of the 7.5W Ultra risks shattering the glass attenuating filter. Sudden breakage and the power then no longer being attenuated would be a safety hazard.

Does LaserCube have engraving and balloon popping modes?

After careful review of our user safety protocols, we have made the tough decision to remove the engraving and balloon popping modes from LaserOS, effective v0.9.57. For those who have used the LaserCube as a component part of a laser engraving system and who are able and willing to take ownership of the laser safety of the whole installation, the features are still supported on legacy version of LaserOS.

Is there a safety feature which disables the LaserCube if it overheats?

Yes, LaserCube has an internal automatic shutoff mechanism that will switch off your laser and disable battery charging if temperatures exceed 40C.

Do I need laser safety goggles?

No, you do not need laser safety goggles to view laser animations. An optional Safety Lens accessory will reduce laser output by 80%, this is useful for photography and videography.

At what distance is it safe to scan my audience or run through the laser projection?

There is no general value available to determine the safe distance (MPE). There are many relevant factors relevant: Scan speed, scan angle, scanned pattern, beam divergence, beam diameter, output power etc. The IEC 60825-1 Laser Safety Regulation applies internationally. Do not allow emission in a public area to exceed laser class 3R.

What are some safety tips?

Do not shoot lasers at people. The very bottom of the laser projection should at least 3 meters above the floor, so there is clearance between someone’s head and the lasers. Laterally, there should be 2.5 meter distance. As with all lasers, never allow any laser beam to enter the sky. Laser beams striking aircraft can blind pilots and is considered a felony offense in most countries. Do not scan your audience without explicit approval granted from your regulatory body in your city or state. Check with local authorities before using a laser in public areas. Please watch our safety video.

How dangerous is the LaserCube compared to high powered handheld lasers like the Spyder Arctic

LaserCube has a much lower power density compared to the static ‘laser dot’ of a handheld laser because the ‘laser dot’ of the LaserCube is moving at rapidly (tens of thousands of time per second) in order to create laser graphics. The actual power depends on several factors such as LaserOS software settings and distance.

Is there anyway to reduce the power of the LaserCube?

There are a variety of things you can do in the LaserOS settings that reduce power. You can lower the master power slider, increase zoom for a bigger image, and setup attenuation zones You can also reduce power by using accessories like safety lens (lowers power by 80%), diffraction lens, lumia kits, and expander. By using a combination of lens and software settings you can reduce power density to any level you desire.

How do I protect my camera sensor from the laser?

You can attentuate or disable the laser output to zones specified in LaserOS Safety Zones settings. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8E8B7qowNjI

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