Laser Display Accessories for LaserCube projectors

Laser Display Accessories for LaserCube projectors

Yay! You just bought your first laser projector display! Or maybe you’re just about to do that so? The party and art world is just beneath your feet, especially if you’re armed with our free LaserOS laser show software! Now you can create hundreds of shapes, animations, and figures in almost infinite combinations with colors and transitions. Now, the best shows in your life are just around the corner but did you thought, it is everything that would you need? Creating laser spectacles, cool laser shows, and amazing laser light art is not only RGB laser projector system and software, we are offering you more than only that! In that article, we’d like to introduce you to laser display accessories designed for all models of the LaserCube.

Laser display projector accessories

We offer a full pallet of accessories for our laser projector systems. If you’re looking for laser show accessories for improving your spectacles or you’d like to make them safer – you’re in the right place.

First of all – laser show safety: creating nice, synchronized to the music show is important, but all of us would like to see laser show more than once (you know, what I mean…), so keeping all laser safety guidelines is very important.

You can never be too careful, so your no. 1 accessory should be an ND8 safety lens. This lens lowers power by 80%, so you can make your show safer without interfering with software settings. Why that’s important? Because usually if you lower output power in software settings, then you’ll lose proper color balance.

If you’d like to avoid crowd scanning and be sure that none of your beams will reach the audience, you can always use LaserCube’s beam blocker. Just place it in the right place and now you can be sure, that your audience will be safe (at least regarding your beam show ;)).

Trying to figure out how to make your laser show more spectacular, but do you think you already used all possible animations and transitions? Then you should take a look at our optics kit! It contains:

⦁ 3 x Lumia lens
⦁ 3 x diffraction lens
⦁ 1 x blur lens (25cm focal)
⦁ 1 x mentioned above ND8 safety lens

Usually, we don’t have any impact on the venue where the laser show will be placed. Sometimes it can be a narrow and long hall, but the other time it can be a really wide, but not that long venue. How to fill the room with laser beams in the second case? The answer is THE BEAM EXPANDER! It’s a fish-eye lens, which expands your laser projections up to 9 times! That means you don’t need 10 laser display systems across the whole scene to fill the whole space with laser light. With the beam expander, only 5 projectors will be fine! How cool is that?

Hardware protection accessories

Some of us are pushing laser shows to the limits and no matter what weather is outside the window – our laser hardware is on duty! To protect your LaserCube from elements (especially water), it is a good idea to have a tailor-made rain cover. With this laser display system accessory – you don’t have to worry about the weather conditions anymore!

Other laser display projection accessories

In this part, we’d like to describe a little more or less obvious accessories which may be necessary for some circumstances.

The visibility of the laser show is the key element of every atmospheric beam show. No matter in what environment you’ll show the beauty of your laser light show to the audience, you’ll need a hazer or smoke machine. Probably most laser display industry members will agree that decent quality hazers will be way much better than well-known smoke machines. We can point many reasons, for example:

⦁ water-based fluids,
⦁ longer dispresion time,
⦁ non-sticky residue,
⦁ lower fluid consumption,
⦁ finer haze.

Besides popular atmospheric laser shows, you may be willing to create and project laser graphics projection. For that, you’ll need some kind of surface. Of course, it can be a wall, building, or maybe even hills, but not always life gives you lemons, and in this situation, you have to create your surface.

You can create beautiful laser graphic projection by using skrim material like tulle, mosquito net, or how professionals called it – laser gauze. It’s nearly invisible, really low cost, but projection on it (especially at night) will create an immersive effect.

A more expensive category is water screens. We can split this category into two minor:

⦁ hydro shield screen – under high pressure, water is pumped into a single and very powerful jet and gets sprayed out from the bottom upwards, creating a semi-circle right above the ground. This water screen is dedicated to outdoor purposes.
⦁ water curtain – under high-pressure water is pumped up into the rail that contains hundreds of small jets and disperses water evenly across the length of the rail segment. It can be used also indoors (if we can ensure a water collection pool underneath the rails, to make the water supply a closed circuit).