Laser stage light

Stage lighting

Stage lighting is used to manipulate the qualities of light to influence and integrate the audience into the action, which is performed on the stage by bands, actors in theatre, musicians at festivals, and more. This is done by carefully controlling every aspect of light itself: intensity, color, movement, or direction.
Many years ago, stage lighting was mainly used to entertain the audience in theaters or musical performances. The primary purpose of using stage lighting was to light the stage, artists and focus on particular objects.

When lasers and other modern stage lighting equipment started to show across multiple music stages, stage lighting added liveliness to spectacles and music events with some mesmerizing and marvelous lighting effects, especially coherent laser light effects. The truth is that laser stage lighting became a fun event on its own. Mostly it’s really portable (as LaserCube, which is the first portable and battery-powered laser system in the world). More and more laser artists and laser show designers are making laser shows for a living!

Laser light projectors are helpful in the event and entertainment industry, primarily because of those mentioned above „coherent nature of laser light” – its narrow beams of light plus optical scanning system that allows drawing patterns, images, or animations on walls or other surfaces. Adding a little bit of theatrical smoke/fog/haze will create a beautiful atmospheric effect in the midair.
Usually, lasers are used with other stage lighting equipment like LED lights or LED bars, PARs, gobo lights, blinders, etc. LED light gives more control over the temperature and strength. The LED light is a pretty flexible kind of light – it can be arranged in different ways and is able to create different effects. Because of its features, usually, it is a nice addition to stage lighting equipment. The big pros of LED lighting are that it can last longer than traditional bulb-type lights. Also, it can provide more colors, hues, and it’s easier to switch between them or turn on flashing/strobing effects.
One of the more and more popular stage lighting effects is combining lasers with led light, then it is called a Laser LED

bar – a usual laser bar with an additional LED blinder or color effect.

Laser stage lighting is now widely used in the whole entertainment industry, starting from music festivals, where laser lighting is used for lighting the band, making a light spectacle above the audience’s heads to create immersive laser light effects, or to complete the mood and emotions contained in theatrical performances.
Using laser stage lighting at big festivals or other large gatherings where the stage is big, or the audience can stand far away from the stage really makes sense and is the best option because it can stay very visible from far away. Probably most of you have seen laser lights at outdoor events and can admit how amazing that is!

The truth is that these days, laser lighting devices have become almost the most important aspects of major events, music festivals, and shows. Stage shows and performances have become bigger and bigger, and also more popular than some time ago, so stage lighting has started to be an important factor in planning how the stage should look like and what kind of equipment should contain. If you started to think about lasers for your own event or you’d like to increase the scope of your event company’s services – LaserCube is always the best choice.