LaserCube Limited Warranty and LaserCare+ Extended Warranty


All LaserCube models comes with a 12-month limited parts and labor warranty which fully covers the hardware:

  • No deductible required
  • All parts and labor for covered repairs, including the battery
  • Accidental galvo damage caused by LaserOS
  • Failures resulting from normal wear and tear, and failure caused by overheating
  • Replacement of your product if it cannot be repaired
  • Return shipping cost back to user covered

All repairs are performed at our authorized United Kingdom service center.
Warranties and coverage are transferable by the original owner to a new owner.


For longer protection, you can extend your limited 12-month warranty to a total of 24 or 36 months of coverage. Use your LaserCube day in and day out with peace of mind when you add additional protection to your LaserCube. Purchasing a LaserCare+ extended warranty adds accidental damage coverage:

  • Accidental drops
  • Accidental galvo damage caused by misuse of 3rd-party software/hardware
  • Water damage
  • Other forms of accidental damage

Existing LaserCube product owners may be eligible to purchase a LaserCare+ optional extended warranty within 90 days of purchase by contacting


Contact us at or chat with us on WhatsApp.


What items are eligible for LaserCare+ extended warranty?

All new LaserCube units sold outside of the U.S. are eligible for extended warranty plans.

If I previously purchased my LaserCube, can I still purchase a LaserCare+ extended warranty?

As long as you are the original owner, you can purchase a LaserCare+ extended warranty up to 90 days after the original LaserCube product order date.

How does the standard limited warranty and LaserCare+ extended work?

After contacting, you will receive a RMA and a shipping address to our UK service center. After we receive your LaserCube, it will be assessed, repaired, and mailed back to you. Shipping charges to our UK service center are borne by the customer unless your LaserCube is assessed to have a manufacturing defect, in these cases, the refund of shipping costs will be credited to the your credit card.

When does the LaserCare+ extended warranty begin?

Coverage takes effect immediately once the extended warranty has been purchased.

How long does the LaserCare+ extended warranty extend my coverage?

LaserCare+ extends the 12-month limited warranty to 24 or 36 months.

What does the LaserCare+ extended warranty cover?

LaserCare+ extended warranty coverage includes all LaserCube hardware components and all included accessories.

Once I purchase a LaserCare+ extended warranty, do I need to register my product or do anything else?

Registration is automatic. You should keep your product receipt and the confirmation email for future reference.

Is my LaserCare+ extended warranty transferable to a new owner if I sell or gift my product?

The service plan is transferable and provides coverage to the original purchaser of the Covered Product or any person receiving the Covered Product from the original purchaser.

Does my LaserCare+ extended warranty cover me if I move to a different location within my country?

LaserCare+ extended warranty will apply to any location in the world.

Can I purchase a LaserCare+ extended warranty if I am the second owner?

LaserCare+ extended warranty are only available for the original purchaser of a new LaserCube product.


LaserCube WiFi 1.2W

  • 2 years: €99
  • 3 years: €129

LaserCube WiFi 2.5W

  • 2 years: €129
  • 3 years: €159

LaserCube WiFi 2.5W Pro

  • 2 years: €149
  • 3 years: €179

LaserCube Ultra 7.5W

  • 2 years: €249
  • 3 years: €299