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LaserCube: laser show equipment and more

Most beginning laser show enthusiasts are looking for a laser show device, which is called a laser display projector or laser display system. This equipment is using a laser beam in specific wavelengths (usually referring to red, green, and blue or mixing all of them to create a beautiful and colorful light show).

The most important question is: is LaserCube good enough for a decent laser show or what do I need to make a light show special? How much should I spend on LaserCube or maybe a different laser display projector? At this stage, we can answer: YES, LaserCube as the first portable and wireless laser display is enough (and more!) to create a laser show one of a kind! Let’s talk about it more.

Creating a laser show with a laser display system

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of laser display projectors on the market. You can find cheap display systems or even that expensive as a middle-class car. So, what do you need to create a great laser show which will amuse your audience? That’s a couple of things you should be aware of before buying your first laser projector system:

Output power: depends on the main purpose: where the laser show should be placed, how big the venue is, and if that’s an indoor or outdoor event. Fortunately, we have two versions of LaserCube, so it’s easier to choose the proper system depending on the occasion. For small (indoor) venues all you need is our LaserCube 1.2Watt WiFi. It offers 1200 mW of pure laser power. If that’s not enough, because you’re planning to do a light show for a wider audience or show will be placed outdoor, then we suggest LaserCube 2.5Watt WiFi. LaserCube 2.5Watt Wifi can offer up to 2.5 more brightness than 1.2watt. Check this comparison video.

Scanning rate: Alright, we have chosen output power, but what about animations and images? There’s something left what we need to choose regarding the type of laser show we are planning to make! This thing is called scanners (or more professional: galvanometer scanners). And once again: the choice of a proper scanning system depends on the main purpose of use. If you’re planning to make simple graphics, shapes like lines, circles, or any angular/curved shapes and diversify it by stunning colors, then you can go with basic LaserCube models with really good 25kkps scanners. It offers nice scan quality and can bring your laser show to a very satisfying level. But! If you’re gonna make your light show more pro, your shapes (or its number) will gonna be a serious thing, you’re planning to display a lot of words, maybe even sentences, then we are happy to introduce you LaserCube 2.5w Pro with 35kpps scanners. This device will bring your shows to a whole new level. If you’re not sure if a 10kkps difference will make the job done, check this video of LaserCube 2.5w Pro.

Connectivity: The way you’d like to connect your laser system with a desktop PC, MacBook, other laptops, or lighting console. With LaserCube there’s a wide spectrum of possibilities. LaserCube works natively with WiFI (so you can use it wireless!), by ethernet cable, or via DMX and ArtNet. With the latest LaserCube 2.5w Pro, you’re also able to connect your lasers via ILDA cable to any DAC.

Software: You know now what laser projector system you have to acquire, but you won’t make an insane laser show without laser show software! And here we are with our free and fully-loaded software called LaserOS, which is available on all most popular platforms including Windows, macOS, android mobile, and of course iOS. You can find hundreds of animations, images, shapes, effects, and more just ready to play! You can choose if you need an instant laser show by just selecting animations you need, setting it to playlist and voila! Auto laser show ready to play! But if you’d like to make a spectacular show of dancing laser beams, then we offer a timeline feature, where you can put your favorite song and program the whole laser spectacle for your audience. Of course, our LaserCube works with other 3rd party software, so you have a choice as to what software you’d like to work with! LaserCube WiFi is natively ready to go with MadMapper (including MadLaser extension), Modulaser, LaserShow Gen, or TouchDesigner. Is that not enough? Alright! That’s why we launched LaserCube 2.5W Pro with additional ILDA ports, so now you can connect any DAC to your brand new laser display projector and use more and more laser software. Now LaserCube works with Showtacle Fiesta, or LaserWorld ShowEditor too. The choice is yours!

Accessories: Sometimes show laser projector and suitable software is not enough, so that’s why we offer a lot of additional accessories to make your lasershow amazing, unique and safe at the same time. Creating stunning Lumia effect, multiplying laser beams without overloading your scanners using diffraction lens, or maybe decreasing laser output power without interfering with software? No worries! We made an optics kit suitable for all of those cases! If you need to spread your laser beams across the whole venue, which is rather wide that long – take a look at our expander lens – it makes projection 9 times bigger! We also talked about outdoor events – there’s nothing worse than a wet laser system during an event… No worries with a tailor-made rain cover. All of these things are included in STAGE COMBO, but also can be ordered separately on the gear page.

Last, but not least: don’t forget about the fog/smoke/haze machine. Laser light needs something „in the air” to be visible. Laser beams „bounce” and reflects off the smoke particles. Without it, you couldn’t see laser light in mid-air. WIth smoke, fog, haze machine you’re almost there to bring the perfect laser show.

Safety’s first!

At the end of the day, every laser display projector (especially the one with class 3B or class 4) may be hazardous if used in the wrong way and without keeping laser safety guidelines. They can cause permanent blindness or harm skin if they are not operated properly. Remember: it doesn’t matter where and when you’re using your laser projector or making a laser show, or if you entertain friends or make a paid show – we will always suggest following all laser safety guidelines and regulations, to keep your show safe and sound!