The laser advertising with an outdoor laser projector system

The laser advertising with an outdoor laser projector system

How many times have you been thinking about a device,

that would help you express your brand in some unique place, or unusual way? Perhaps you tried to advertise your product from a bigger distance, isn’t it? Advertising doesn’t have to be boring and stiff. It can be really ingenious, and we have a fantastic solution!

Many people consider RGB laser projectors as party devices, capable only of projecting some not-so-regular shapes, chaotic curves, and random colors, but the truth is that RGB laser projectors as LaserCube 2.5w Pro is a professional laser display system that makes the job done as a laser advertising device. LaserCube will bring high visibility to your brand or product and can also light up/illuminate the facade, which can be ingenious in showcasing the building.

Main advantages of using the LaserCube as an RGB laser advertising system:

  • It’s a small device, so it won’t need much space to be set up before the action
  • it’s portable – no need for heavy equipment to put it in the proper place
  • LaserCube is battery-powered: you can project anything up to 2,5 hours! Everywhere without an external power supply
  • LaserCube has up to 2,5Watts, which is a lot in terms of logo advertisement. 
  • Wireless connection via Wi-Fi
  • LaserCube is rainproof with additional rain cover 
  • There is no duty cycle. LaserCube will operate from battery or external power from -10C to +45C. Charging of the internal battery is disabled while the battery temperature is outside +10C to +45C to prevent overheating.

LaserCube, as a laser advertising device, can easily replace

the LED strips and neon tubes. Why do you have to limit

yourself to only one design and one type of projection if you can change it weekly?

With additional rain cover, your LaserCube laser advertising system will be safe, even if it rains.
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