The best disco show with DJ Laser light

Lighting basics

There is a pretty big chance that you have been in a disco pub or have seen inside of a good nightclub. What was the first thing you saw that made you gaze for a long time? I can bet that it had sparkling and shining light effects! Some of them, people called DJ laser lights.

I think you can agree with me, that light in common is making everyone feel happier and gives excitement, especially in the nighttime (probably no one likes to spend time in total darkness!). And now just imagine a nightclub where all lights are off, or all lights (white, regular lights) are on! I’m sure that even with the best music, people wouldn’t be much excited. DJ lasers will bring your show to a whole new level, your audience will be amazed because of immersive shapes and mesmerizing colors, believe me.

There are tons of lighting equipment on the market nowadays and the range of lighting effects is pretty wild! You can find beam effects, gobos, centerpiece effects, disco scanners, led bars, flower effects, disco balls, PARs (Parabolic Aluminised Reflector), blinders, and more! This stage lighting equipment will bring your stage to higher levels for sure, but there’s nothing better than adding a DJ laser light to your DJ show. With some haze/fog, you can make your own Tomorrowland experience in a couple of minutes.

Of course, we know, that one of the most important things for DJs (especially mobile DJs playing at weddings and other occasional parties) is portability! In that case, there is no better DJ laser light than LaserCube is! It’s very portable, battery-powered, works wirelessly via WiFI (or ethernet), in our free LaserOS software you’ll find hundreds of animations and images ready to play, so with this bundle, you can focus on playing music – our stuff will do rest!

Are DJ lasers a particular type of laser light?

No, it just defines the field of use for RGB laser projectors.
We could also name it „wedding lasers” or a „party lasers”, but lasers in DJing have it all in common.

DJ lasers technically should combine several features: should be easy to use, have auto or sound responsive mode, be compatible with most popular platforms like Windows or macOS and of course – DJ lasers should be portable. There is probably no DJ who needs a big and heavy box above his or her head.
For mobile DJs, musicians, or other entertainers on the go, a DJ laser light device would be perfect. DJ lasers usually can project RGB color lights, a lot of shapes and effects, and fill the room with happiness (of course because of audience impressions!). DJ laser show lighting devices are just a beginning because you can add more to your set-up to make the laser show even more exciting: fog or haze, bounce mirrors, projection screens, or bubbles.

Now you know much more than before, so choosing the perfect DJ laser projector should be way much easier. The only thing you have to consider is the venues you’re planning to play – it will help you to choose the proper laser projector (in terms of output power and final price). For smaller venues and clubs we can highly recommend LaserCube 1.2W WiFi, but if you’re gonna go big – LaserCube 2.5W WiFi should be your choice! Regardless – we are here to help, so don’t hesitate to contact us – we will help you to make your choice of the best DJ laser for you!
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