Q. My Windows PC does not detect the LaserCube, how do I update my drivers?

Download: http://zadig.akeo.ie/

1. Connect LaserCube to PC
2. Open zadig
3. Options > List All Devices
4. Choose Laserdock Interface 0
5. Choose libusbK as driver
6. Click install
Repeat 3-5 for interface 1 and 2

Q. What is the difference between LaserCube and LaserDock?

LaserCube is battery-powered and portable, whereas the LaserDock is larger and requires a power cable. There are no other differences in the laser hardware or software. The LaserDock has a larger heatsink and is more suitable for permanent fixtures.

Q: What materials the 1W lasercube engrave?

Lasercube 1w can engrave paper and wood. With the focusing lens (in the expanded lens kit) the result is more precise. Please see this image.

Q: How long can I run the LaserCube, is there a duty cycle?

There is no duty cycle. There is a built-in temperature sensor which shuts off the laser at 40C to protect the LaserCube from overheating.

Q: Do I need fog?

Only if you need to see the beam in mid air, IE beam shows. Ambient smoke or fog will also work.

Q. What is the difference between microphone and loopback audio?

LaserOS needs an audio input in order to generate music reactive visuals. Loopback audio is superior to microphone in both latency and accuracy. On Windows, all you need to do is select a Loopback audio source. On Mac, you need to install Sound Siphon and then you have to select Sound Siphon as Audio Output in Sound Settings. For Android, loopback audio is not possible. The workaround is to manually add and play songs from LaserOS’s Music app to use them as an audio input.

Q: How do I ship or fly with my laser?

We recommend the EVA case for everyday carry and the Flight Case for multiple units and/or luggage and shipping.

Q: Where do I download the LaserCube software?

Download here: Windows, MacOS, and Android.

Q: How do I connect LaserCube to my PC, Mac, or Android device?

Use the included cables to connect the LaserCube to a USB-A, USB-C, or Micro-USB port.

Q: Does it work with iOS (iPhone, iPad)?

No, it does not work with iOS. We are working on a future product with iOS compatibility. You can control LaserCube with a cheap android phone. We recommend the Xiaomi Redmi 7 which costs just over $100.

Q: What’s the difference between TTL and analog laser color?

Only 7 colors are possible for TTL compared to 1000s of colors for analog lasers. LaserCube is full analog color.

Q: What are some safety tips?

Do not shoot lasers at people.The very bottom of the laser projection should at least 3 meters above the floor, so there is clearance between someone’s head and the lasers. Laterally, there should be 2.5 meter distance.

As with all lasers, never allow any laser beam to enter the sky. Laser beams striking aircraft can blind pilots and is considered a felony offense in most countries.

We highly do not recommend scanning the crowd unless there is explicit permission granted from your government. Check your local laws first before using a laser in public areas / outdoors.

Q. What laser power is needed for larger venues?

1W is good for small clubs and discos. 2-5W suit large nightclubs, and mid-sized events. 5W and up are used at large events, music festivals, concerts.

Q. At what distance is it safe to run through the laser projection?

There is no general value available to determine the safe distance (MPE). There are many relevant factors relevant: Scan speed, scan angle, scanned pattern, beam divergence, beam diameter, output power etc.

The IEC 60825-1 Laser Safety Regulation applies internationally. Do not allow emission in a public area to exceed laser class 3R.

Q: Is the LaserCube legal in the USA?

The LaserCube includes all required safety features per international regulations. If you are looking for a US-varianced LaserCube please visit: https://x-laser.com/products/lasercube

Q: Is there anyway to reduce the power of the LaserCube?

The optional 20% Safety Lens accessory will reduce output power by 80%. You can also limit laser power by adjusting the laser power in the LaserOS app and setup safety zones.

Q: What is the size of the projected laser image?

The image size will be a 1m square when the LaserCube is 2m away, 2m square image when the LaserCube is 4m away, and so on… With the Expander, it would be 3m square at 2m distance and son on….

There is no maximum range, but the apparent brightness will be reduced the larger the projection. It is recommended to use the LaserCube at half-zoom or less for better image quality.

Q: Do I need laser safety goggles?

No, you do not need laser safety goggles to view laser animations. You need eye protection when using the engraving and balloon popping features. Dark sunglasses would be effective at blocking out most of the light. An optional Safety Lens accessory will reduce laser output by 80%, this is useful for photography and videography.

Q: Do I need a laser dongle?

No dongle is needed for the LaserCube or LaserDock because the software is built-in.

Q. I cannot adjust the X / Y position of the laser projection.

It’s not possible to adjust the X / Y position @ max zoom. Reduce zoom first.

Q. How can I use LaserOS software with my own laser projector?

If your laser projector has an ILDA input, you can purchase the LaserOS dongle here.

Q. Is there an affiliate program for LaserCube?

Yes, you will earn 5% per referral order. Sign up for your affiliate link here.

Q. What is the warranty?

We provide a 6 month warranty on the LaserCube Basic and a 12 month warranty on the LaserCube Pro. The details are here: https://laseros.com/warranty

Q. What about custom duties?

It is our policy that we do not pay tax on customer’s behalf if it is charged. We can help lower the declared value but we cannot guarantee customs checks and behaviour.

Q. How long does it take for me to receive my order?

We ship using DHL Express, which usually takes less than 1 week to most countries. A tracking number will be emailed to you.

Q. How can multiple LaserCubes be used?

You can connect multiple LaserCubes to a laptop, or to an Android device using a USB Hub.

Q. What voltage is the charger for the LaserCube?

The included wall-plug power charger is rated 100-240V, it will work in all countries.

Q. What is the process for warranty service?

Replacement parts will be shipped to you if a user repair is possible, at no cost. The laser may need to be shipped back to our factory in China for warranty-covered service.

Q. Where are the imported files stored on my computer?

On Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/LaserOS/imports
On PC: C:\Users\ (your username) \AppData\Roaming\LaserOS\imports
On Android: ~/Android/data/com.wickedlasers.laserOS/files/imports/

Q. What is the refund policy?

Buyer has 30 days from receipt of product to initiate a request for refund. Refund will be made back to buyer’s credit card in full minus shipping fees. Item must be in ‘like new’ condition in order to return. Buyer will pay return shipping of item to Taiwan. Please email support@wickedlasers.com to initiate a refund request.

Q. What are the lens accessories used for?

Safety Lens is a ND8 filter which reduces laser output by 80%. It’s great for photography or videography of the laser projection. The blur lens defocuses the laser output over range. It has a 250mm focal length. Diffraction lens multiplies your laser visuals causing awesome effects. The Lumia lens is made of textured glass and recreates the trippy lumia experience.

Q. How do I fix the error on my Mac: ‘LaserOS can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.’?

Locate the LaserOS app in Finder and Ctrl-Click it. If you select Open from the resultant menu, the app will be opened.

Q. Is there an fully automatic mode that requires no user input?

Yes, LaserOS is fully autonomous, requiring no user input. Just choose the modes and an effect. Watch to learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8sNmIihUOw

Q. How do I import my own animation?

You have to create your own SVG files in a program like Adobe Animate or Illustrator. Here is an example: dancer sample.zip

Q. How do I program my own app to control the LaserCube?

There are several methods including Javascript and Openframeworks.
Check the github libraries on the bottom of this page:

Q. How to fix PC error message: ‘the program can’t start because api-ms-win-crt-heap-l1-1-0.dll is missing’?

Please install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 package:
If that doesn’t help, please install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2017:

Q. My Android device does not detect the LaserCube.

Goto settings > system & device > additional settings > OTG > turn OTG on.

Q. It says on the Google play store that my Android device is not compatible.

If you’re Android device is 7+, try to download the APK directly and install manually.
If that doesn’t work, try the Xiaomi Redmi 7 which is around $100.

Q. My micro-usb device is not connecting to the LaserCube.

Try reversing the micro-usb cable, it works only in one direction.

Q. What happened with engraving and popping balloons?

Due to safety, these features need to be unlocked after watching a safety video. The unlock instructions are in the comments:

Q. How do I import my logo into LaserOS?

Q. How do I import my animation into LaserOS?

Q. Is the LaserCube housing dustproof?

Yes, the housing is dustproof. There is no air drawn (or able to convect) into the main cube body where the lasers and optics are.

The 2W has a blower fan recessed within a separate heatsink plate that bolts on to the bottom of the original cube housing. Air is not drawn through the main enclosure, only into and out of the heatsink plate, which conductively cools the existing base of the cube. Sealing of the lasers and optics is maintained.